John Stormm Leaving Hospital with Burn Wound over Implant

I originally wrote this for a trusted friend about what kind of state I'm currently in. I got deluged with calls to go back and check in, and FEW of you are understanding EXACTLY why that is downtight suicidal thinking and is NOT the thing to do. I NEED to get this out of me, and the doctors are NOT my friend, nor likely YOURS either. But some ARE, and I must find one to help me. Here's a Cut & Paste... It's a LOT more complicated than it had to be. This is NOT simply what they billed it as. They were afraid that I'd find out and what I'd do about it... hence, when my body started to reject it: NONE of them wanted to be around or reachable to do ANYTHING about it. So I demanded to be discharged and this stuff removed... this thing is in me, like a bullet wound in my chest, and it FEELS like a bullet wound in my chest. But I know that it is implanted, not shot into me. The nurse removed two rigs from me, the one in my left forearm, and the one in my neck and attached to the "power port" in my chest. But the port is still inside of me and a long tube and/or wire besides. This requires a surgeon and me going under the knife (while enemies are present all around) NOT a good place for a "good agent" to be into at all. No kind of clever is going to protect me under anesthetic and a knife. I need to find allies and get them present too. So, it's a busy day ahead of me and VERY stressful.
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