Kinds of Vampires

Sanguine vampires (or sanguinarians) are vampires who feed by drinking blood.

Blood drinking is arguably the most potent form of feeding on life-force energy, and many sanguinarians can thrive for many weeks from a single feeding

Psi (or psy) vampires are vampires that feed psychically on life force energies

Empathic vampires are vampires who feed on emotional life-force energies from the emotions of people

Dreamscape vampires are essentially astral vampires that are able to enter into a person’s dream

Tantric Vampires are Sexual vampires that feed on the life-force energies generated from having sex, especially the excess energies generated at the moment of orgasm
Tantric vamp inspires and feeds off emotions such as love
Tantric Vampire feeds from any of these as well but with other Tantric Vampires and they both give and take creating an intensity that can be rather addictive for both partners involved
Tantric Vampire is an adept energy worker, a master of the balance between light & dark, positive & negative, and, yin & yang, as well a dedicated sorcerer and a natural predator
Tantric Vampire an advantage over those who identify as vampire yet are sheep following the latest fashion or movie craze
Tantric Vampire does not have a dependency upon blood. While there are those who have blood fetishes and partake in blood tasting
Tantric Vampires are not blood drinkers by nature