Warning About Adrain Espinoza

YPX news has observed many complaints about Adrain Espinoza accepting large sums of money for questionable services and computer programs. At one time YPX News even helped promote and market his "services" and "skynet." Now it has come to our attention that Adrain has not been honest with his fellow man about his dealings and transactions and we at YPX News would like to let the public know that we no longer promote him and that he has a history of not honoring his refunds and making strange excuses about money. Nate tried to buy "skynet IRC" from Adrain for 700$ and never received it which leads us to think that the program may not exist in the first place. Anyway Adrain refused to do the refund and Nate had to report the transaction to PayPal to force a refund. If adrian owes you a refund our advice is to report it to PayPal to have them help you with the refund. We at YPX New apologize for promoting and interviewing Adrain Espinoza in our video interviews and would like to point out that we have taken them down because of his unethical business practices.