Traxxasred Leaves Suicide Note

Sage Walk survivor, you tube video maker and pen pal recently overdosed on pills.

Click on the links below to see Traxxasred's important videos about his troubled past. They expose what it is like to live in the Oregon desert at a wilderness therapy program that was shut down for murder in 2009. they hiked some one to death and below is the story of a survivor. To hear more stories about sage walk you can visit the video section of YPX News. Please Check out link below to learn what led to Texxasred's suicide.
video on transporters

video on sage walk wilderness school

video on suicide

I hope you listen to all of the videos above and remember not to send you loved ones to wilderness programs, they may grow up to kill them selves. I was exited to meet this guy because he was another survivor and very sad to hear about his pill overdose. I do not know for certain that his attempted worked, but I do know I will probably never hear from him again.