The Gentlemen of Woodhall

The Gentlemen of woodhall school

When I arrived at woodhall. I heard I was replacing a guy who was kicked out because he showed up to class with nothing but a sock on his genitals. I didn’t see this myself but i heard in the prank a lot of the students showed up to class in their boxers and this guy took it to the next level and got kicked out.
I had just come out of Sage Walk Wilderness program and was very tired, hungry and skinny. I tried to sleep on the bleachers and some one came up to me and stuck his fingers in my stomach to wake me up saying it was unfair I got to sleep. I was like wtf is this guys problem. There was another gentleman of woodhall there who had come out of Sage Walk, but he refused to say what he did to get sent there in the first place. Lots of the Gentlemen of woodhall came from different treatment programs and even in one case at least an insane asylum.
I had the opportunity to go to this school before my wilderness program and I thought it looked to depressing and decided to go to the wilderness instead, which was a mistake.
The next gentleman of woodhall I will talk about is my roomate. He was autistic and had the same disease Abraham linkin had which was why he had no fat in his face. Because of his health problems he didn’t get sent to a wilderness program lucky him. He was a video game addict like many of the gentlemen of woodhall at the time. He would bang his head against the wall if I played music he didn’t like instead of telling me to turn it off. Once he triggered the fire alarm when I walked into the room and to this day i have no idea how he did it. He would also let the drug addicts and smokers back into the dorms after they were done smoking. This ended when i became his roomate because the smokers didn’t want me ratting them out. I was placed in a room across from the phone on purpose. The Gentlemen of woodhall were not trusted with cell phones so all calls had to be done on a land line right next to my room. I learned a lot about the other students because of this, most of which i kept to myself.
Speaking of the landline. There was a student there who would always get on the phone and beg his mom to home school him because he was scared people would find out he was a homosexual. He would talk on that phone after curfew for hours with different people. I dont know the sex of the people he was talking to but he seemed to have a lot of people to talk to late at night. One day he got so mad at his mom that he broke the phone. Instead of the entire school being punished for a broken phone, I made the calculated decision to report what he did to save the rest of us from group detention. Woodhall was very communist in its punishments. One of the teachers there actually invited me to the communist party even though I was 16.
The next Gentleman of woodhall I will talk about told me the craziest stories when i first met him. I was nieve enough to believe them at first too. After all why would some one lie to make themselves look cool when they are not. He told me many crazy things, but what I remember the most is that he claimed to have had 2 girlfriends at the same time. I actually believed his stories about himself until another student pointed out that they are lies and that he was obsessed with a comic book called johnny the homisidal maniac. After I earned his trust he told me some crazy stories, some I would rather not share. One I will share is that he was sent to an asylum and put in a white room and a straight jacket. He said in his asylum he met some one who thought he was Napoleon. He would often talk about Napoleon and laugh at his condition. I think I will choose to censor the rest of this guys story cause its to messed up for youtube.
My next door neighbors were both satan worshippers and they shared the same room. They would do destruction rituals where you would write some ones name on a piece of paper and then stab the paper. They didn’t have a knife so they would use a letter opener. One of these neighbors had dissassocative identity disorder and schisopknrinia at the same time as far as i could tell and he admitted it. I remember him telling me he wanted a bunch of black guys to tie me up and torcher me. Then he would turn back into himself again and be friendly. His other personality was pretty scary.
The student council at woodhall was very corrupt. I remember one of them was behind breaking into the gemnasiam with a screwdriver so he could smoke inside during the cold. We all had group detention because of this. He raised his hand during the group detention to ask what the punishment would be if he came forward to take responsibility for it and mrs Woodall the headmaster said that the person who did it would do detention by themselves. There was no incentive for him to turn himself in, so he didn’t and let us all suffer with him. He would capture crawfish from the lake and eat them alive. Once I saw him eat a lemon without peeling it. It’s one of the strangest things i have ever seen in my life. He told me when he took a rucksack test he said he saw vagina with teeth. He seemed to have a fear of women, which brings up questions about his sexuality like many of the gentlemen of woodhall.
The next person I will talk about was from California. He was also a steroid user, which i found out when I got into a submission match with him on the matts. He used an illegal technique on me called neck cranking. The steroids really made a huge difference and I was still recovering from my experience in the wilderness so i was under weight. I remember he was a good sketch artist and he told me his brother actually liked the wilderness and that he had read files on some of the students at woodhall and it said crazy stuff. He informed me that one of the students was a vampire, even though he would not tell me who i figured it out. I remember him talking on the phone about ordering large quantities of alcoholic drinks from the guy who drove him to school from the airport. We had a commitey for accountability with the cab driver and the students who ordered the drinks. In this case i refused to tell on them and wanted to let ms woodhall figure it out. No one was prosecuted for buying the drinks even though it was probably a felony. After hearing the conversation which i chose to ignore cause i thought it was a prank, one of the student council came up to me and told me that his friend bought the drinks and wondered what my advice was. I told him he should turn himself in that way it would minimize the chances of him getting in trouble. I was right he was forgiven for it.
That member of the student council attacked a teacher randomly. Me and 3 other guys jumped in to save this teacher from this other student. He just cracked one day. He had no previous history of violence that would have predicted that he would attack a teacher. 3 guys jumped on him trying to hold him down, and I went over and grabbed the teacher and got between him and the teacher.
I am getting tired of talking about the gentlemen of woodhall. The last thing I will mention is that sexual harassment I experienced. Woodhall had a lot of it. I think I will leave it at this